The Rui Costa e Sousa & Irmão, SA Group

When it comes to Quality Cod, the name of Rui Costa and Sousa e Irmão, S.A. is in the forefront as one of the largest processors and marketers of Dried Salted Codfish and Desalinated Frozen Codfish in the World. “We are the only ones established in Norway and Brazil, with our own companies.”

In the last eighty years, the Group has won a position of prestige in the world of codfish and boasts a portfolio of customers in over 30 countries. Due to the Group’s philosophy based on integrity and credibility, we take pride in the trust and satisfaction established with all our business partners.

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  • 1929
    As important as the new infrastructure and machinery, technologically advanced is the knowledge acquired over generations. At this level there is the company Brites Vaz & Irmãos, SA, founded in 1929, currently the oldest company of cod dry, in Portugal . Among other activities, the Brites Vaz & Irmãos, SA performs salting, drying and other Cod transformation activities and derivatives. + Read more
  • 1981
    The main company of the Group RCSI comes from Tondela - Portugal. Is proud to have won a large market share, achieving during these years increase their sphere of influence to other markets, the result of a solid and continuous expansion policy. Building upon a continuous study of markets, the company takes what really cherishes: the satisfaction of its customers. Following this policy, the Group grew with the opening of new retail stores, positioned in strategically selected locations, and the acquisition of cold rooms, to get closer to their customers, understand their needs and meet their requirements.



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  • 1998


    February 1998 was a landmark for the Group, through the acquisition of cod factory BVI, SA placed in Gafanha da Nazaré, Aveiro - Portugal. The company has a production capacity of about 70 tonnes of cod per day, in operation since 1929, which attests to their relevance and fulfillment, not only in have the tradition and the quality of the true Portuguese cod, such as an enhancement and modernization in their processes.

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  • 2002
    In 2002, it constitutes a new company in Brazil, based in São Paulo, called BRASCODSA, for marketing and, in the future, cod transformation. Over the years, Brascod has developed a growing work in values such as rigor in quality, transparency and innovation of its products. + Read more
  • 2005
    In 2005, opened a commercial unit in Rio de Janeiro, making the Group Rui Costa e Sousa & Irmão, SA bet in internationalization. + Read more
  • 2007
    To respond to the new market segment-Desalted Deep-frozen-expanding its portfolio of products, was inaugurated on the day May 19, 2007, a new and modern industrial unit, with a processing capacity of 6250 tons year. Sr. Bacalhau is the premium brand marketed by the Rui Costa e Sousa & Irmão, S.A. + Read more
  • 2010
    The acquisition of 50% of the Andenes Fiskemottak, A.S., a fish receiving station as well as the construction of scale and salting unit Andoya Fisheries, A.S., represent an investment of 20 million Euros, which lets you control the cod from the water outlet, through the scale and salting, drying and soaking up the consumer's table. + Read more
  • 2012
    In Brazil, the Brascod, with the opening of new stores Chambers of high storage capacity, is notable for being the only company of Portuguese industry to meet the Brazilian market, selling the real cod with Portuguese traditional healing and ensuring, from the sea to the table, the best product, with guaranteed traceability from the origin. + Read more
  • 2014
    After opening the headquarters in São Paulo and the commercial branch of Rio de Janeiro, Recife branch started operations in March, with the goal of moving initially 450 tonnes a year. In addition, it seeks to answer the local audience of differentiated way: closer, with greater visibility, leading to the consumer a product table more fresh and of high quality. + Read more
  • 2017

    The U.S.A. Cod, Inc. establishes in Newport (Rhode Island) has the ability to import and disributes Fresh Cod, Dried Salted Cod and Desalted Frozen Cod (Ready to Cook) from Norway or  Portugal. 

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